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Today's words revision 1

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Partiendo de la idea de que la constancia es clave para la mejora del nivel de cualquier idioma, Live & Learn propone cada día una expresión idiomática o un phrasal verb para aumentar nuestro vocabulario. A continuación pasamos a resumir todas las Today's Words que han sido publicadas durante el mes de febrero de 2013.
"Get Over". If you get over an illness or other unpleasant experience, you recover from it. EG Have you got over the shock?... He has got over his cold.

"A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned": By not spending money, you are saving money (little by little).

" Look after": If you look after someone or something, you take care of them and do what is necessary for them to stay in good condition. EG. Look after my garden.

"A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush": Having something that is certain is much better than taking a risk for more, because chances are you might lose everything.

"Break up": If you break up with your wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend, your relationship with that person ends. EG Tim and I broke up, Their marriage is breaking up.

"A Taste Of Your Own Medicine": When you are mistreated the same way you mistreat others.

"Give up": to renounce (an activity, belief, etc): EG I have given up smoking.

"Blood Is Thicker Than Water": The family bond is closer than anything else.

"Set about": If you set about doing something, you start to do it in an energetic or purposeful way. EG. The next morning they awoke and set about cleaning the house.

"Great Minds Think Alike": Intelligent people think like each other.

"Turn on": When you turn on a device, machine, or appliance, you adjust the controls so that it starts working. EG She turned on the shower.

"Lend Me Your Ear": To politely ask for someone's full attention.

En lo sucesivo puedes seguir diariamente las palabras publicadas en nuestra sección Today's Words. Live & Learn te recuerda que It's never too late to learn.

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